Hey there

I'll visit BC (CA) in the summer and I'm planning to buy a new bike over there.
My problem is the following: In BC i will go to the Bikeparks for like 4 weeks, doing some shuttling. At this point, a pure DH bike would be the best for me. But afterwards I'll take the bike back home, where there will be perhaps 40% shuttling and the rest pedaling and flat trails.

After hours on the I-net I think I'll go with the RM Slayer 70 or 50. Or I'll go with the Norco Truax 2 12', what would be a better price.

So what would you recommend me? I assume coils (Truax) would be better for the parks, but at home they'd be too heavy... And I have to say, the Slayer 70 is already top of money, I can't afford to pay more...

What do you suggest? Slayer 50, 70 or Truax?