Alright guys this is my first post here in awhile. Been riding for quite awhile now, started out on a cheap giant hardtail, now on a 2011 trek fuel ex5. I'm a relatively large rider at 6'7" and 225lbs. I'm looking at selling my trek because I want something with more travel. Been to mammoth and northstar (rented downhill bikes for this) and would like something i can use there as well as on local trails (SoCal: whiting ranch, anaheim hills, aliso niguel, etc). I've been looking at stumpys, enduros, giant reigns, and whatever else i can find. Found a 2012 fuji reveal 2.0 with 150mm sector fork, x-fusion rear shock, and some pretty high end components (x0 rear derailluer, slx front, elixir 5s, 2x9 setup), seems to fit the budget at $1300 or trade for my bike + $500, and is brand new build, but on a 2012 frame. My question is: would this be a good fit for me? I can't find many reviews on fuji frames or bikes in general. Also curious as to opinions on jumping to 150mm fork on a bike made for 140mm fork. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!