hey guys,
i'm running a 2x10 setup currently with an MRP bash only mounted on ISCG. i've had the chain drop to the outside on some semi-rough stuff, so i'm trying to elminate that.

i read a review that the MRP 2x doesn't quite prevent drop from the the outside top. i think one issue i have is that even with the e-type shimano derailleur adjusted all the way, there is still more than the 1-3mm of space between large chainring teeth and the cage. no more adjustment can be made so the chain can fit in between and fall to the outside

the MRP bash definitely prevents drop to the inside. i'm now looking at replacing it with a gamut dual p30 iscg mounted guide. does anyone have one of these? how does it hold up with chain drop on both sides?

i read a pinkbike review and so far it's been holding up for the 6 months they've had it, i'm wondering if anyone else has any feedback as well.