• 11-08-2011
    Banshee RUNE vs Cove G-Spot...??
    Hi folks,

    again here is Andy from Germany searching the ultimate DO-IT-ALL-BIKE.

    Coming from a Trek Remedy I want to upgrade to a more stable AM/Light FR Bike that can handle everything from tours to longer uphill climbs to rough trail descends with jumps and moderate drops up to 5". I know the Remedy can handle itself most of this, but I really want to rely on my bike in every situation and therefor I need MORE without suffering too much on the uphill. Bike-parks will be seldom on my list but it should not crack at some attempts too....:rolleyes:

    At least the banshee RUNE tends out to be the most capable bike around for that purpose. The only drawback of it seems to be the "bushing thing".

    On forms lists I had the cove G-Spot which seemed to be very close to the RUNE but I could not find many reviews from G-Spot riders. Therefor I forgot to think about it. Maybe this Thread will waken some of them to give advice to make a final decision. Unfortunately here in Germany both bikes are very seldom used, so I cannot ride them before.

    I am 6.2 and weight 180lbs.

    I only want to buy the frame and I can buy both for nearly identical price. The 2010 G-Spot and the 2010/2011 RUNE.

    What are your suggestions?
  • 11-08-2011
    I'm pretty much in the same position as you. both of them on top of my ever lasting search for the perfect bike-list :) also I'm in finland so hard to test ride these bikes. would really like to read some comparisons. all i can say from the numbers is that rune with bushings is quite a lot lighter compared to the g-spot. wonder if you have read this: http://forums.mtbr.com/canadian-bike...ot-584157.html
    since you're in germany, have you thought of liteville 301? have you ever rode one or have you got any opinions?
    one bike I'd add to your list is pivot firebird, but that's probably gonna cost you more than these two..
    if i may ask where can you buy g-spot as cheep as rune?!
  • 11-08-2011
    No, never rode the Liteville 301, but for my purpose I would rather look at the 601 or even the 901. The RUNE Frame is about 7.0 weight. The Cove should be around 7.9. I do not have exact numbers without shock. I do not think this is such a big difference if you do not indend to compete in a XC-race. The RUNE frame is in the typical weight class of most AM-bikes out there. The cove is in between AM and FR in terms of weight. Itīs in a line with the Intense UZZI or the Banshee Wildcard. Both very capable bikes even on uphill, for what I have been said.

    But I would like to have more opinions on the Cove G-Spot.

    Here is a nice review I found, and the Cove looks good for me even on the uphill sections.

    BasqueMTB: Long Term Review of Cove G-Spot Mountain Bike | BasqueMTB
  • 11-08-2011
    Hi Andy, that's my review on the Cove. If you'd like to ask me anything about it then just give me a shout. I've been guiding on the bike all year so have had plenty of time to form an opinion on how it rides. Hopefully the reveiw covers it all but if it's missing any info then just give me a shout.
  • 11-08-2011
    Why not a Nicolai Helius AM or Last Herb AM? I'd take either of those over a Rune or G Spot any day, especially if I lived over there where I could get service! Having said that, the Rune II will be a killer bike if you wan to wait a year or two - will be slacker, lower and stronger than current Rune and with bearings instead of bushings. The VP4 suspension action of Banshee bikes is second to none (feels like you have much more suspension than you actually do - you'd be hard pressed to find better). I'll be grabbing one when they come out.

    Have FUN!

    G MAN