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    Anyone experience ISCG-05 mounts that are "too outboard"? What to do? MRP guide?

    Ever experience ISCG-05 tabs that are "too outboard"? Do they need to be ground down or faced? Is it sloppy frame design?

    For a year now I've had a trek remedy 29er, XX1 gxp crankset in a sram pressfit 92 bb. Setup 1x10 with type rear der. Most of time I don't need a chainguide or bash guard, but I'm preparing to race at Keystone bike park.

    I'm mounting up an MRP AMG guide-- a bash "taco" setup and an upper guide. My chainring nearly rubs the inside of the upper guide. The guide comes with spacers to move it outboard, but of course can't move it more inboard.

    I've already spaced the crankset towards the driveside with a 2.5mm spacer, this seemed to create perfect chainline to the middle of my cassette when I run it with no guide.

    What can I do?

    I suppose I could move the crankset further outboard but that sacrifices chainline and will eventually diminshes the spline interface between the spindle and non-drive crank.

    I setup the same MRP AMG on my wifes carbon remedy 27.5, same crank, lines up perfectly.

    Is it common/normal/ possible that my ISCG-05 mounts are poorly welded on the frame?

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    You cant use spacers on a gxp press fit bottom bracket, it will crush the bearings if the shell is the correct width. The non drive side arm has to fully seat on to the spindle splines, which locks the spindle to the bearing, and the drive side is free floating. The driveline spacing is determined by the non drive cup, not the drive side cup. You actually move the non drive side cup inward to move the cranks outward. Putting a spacer on the drive side does nothing.
    I have seen tabs that are too outboard, and with press fit cups, you are really limited to how you can move the crank around to compensate. Could try to find a ring with less offset.

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    Anyone experience ISCG-05 mounts that are "too outboard"? What to do? MRP guide?

    OP - I ran into this issue on an MRP 2X on my 575. I had to run an extra spacer on the drive side, but I have a Shimano BB 68. I've got a bit less spline engagement and wouldn't want to go any further, but been riding the setup for 2 yrs now, no probs. My chainline isn't perfect but not bad since I run a converted 3x as a 2x so it evens out sorta. I don't run big-big unless I have to and only for short periods of time.

    I honestly think it's a design flaw of MRP's for ISCG05 bikes, but I made it work since it's the chainguide I wanted for my 2x setup.
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    Have not been a big fan of MRP for that very reason. That said, I've had great success with grinding down the ISCG tabs - basically your only option. Grind lightly - usually it doesn't take much to get the clearance you need.

    Have FUN!

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