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    Quote Originally Posted by Lelandjt
    To answer "Hack On Wheels":
    I hear the sarcasm but yes there are some DH rides under 37 lbs but usually with lightish 2.5" tires and some questionable parts. On all my bikes I use some pretty fancy and light parts but larger, burlier than normal tires (2.7 Minions on V10, 2.35 Small Block Eights on my XC/AM Yeti 575) and nothing that hasn't held up for at least 2 seasons.
    You're right that owning a reasonably light DH bike results in you're FR bike seeing less abuse. I have an ATA fork on the V10 and pull it out for a lot of rides now like Fish Creek Falls.
    I live in Breckenridge, CO and ride pretty rough terrain but smoothly and almost never crash. I'm a semi-retired, semi-pro and know my limits pretty well. Have fun with your future builds and revel when you find a part that drops weight and doesn't hurt performance (got my fingers crossed for the new Maveric DUC36).

    P.S. Oh yeah, let your girlfriend move in to pay half the bills but DON'T HAVE A KID!!
    Haha, yeah, sarcasm tends to creep into my posts. A 38 pound V-10 would definitely be a fun ride! (The Superco has grabbed my attention right now though, and the Banshee Legend is a close second still.) Sounds like good stuff! I'd love to tweak my AM bike a bit more so it can handle some rougher stuff nicely and then get a proper DH frame and lose the granny ring on my big bike...still wouldn't have anything for more XC riding, but don't get much of that around here (Vancouver) anyways.
    Semi-pro? Nice! I need to do some more racing and just ride more in general. Not being a hack and not crashing would really help I suspect... Thanks! I definitely plan to have some fun with my builds in the future when I can afford to.

    P.S. Haha, I'll keep that in mind!

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    As a sales person at a shop it is our job to sell you what you need. If you are there for a headset then that is what you get. If i point out a nice bike as conversation, then that is all it should be. If I try to sell you a bike it is my job to understand your style of riding and and you budget. We are the professionals that you come to for information. Sometimes shop workers are a bit blinded by how they ride and push it to others. Make sure when you shop that you help the worker understand what type of riding you do and what your budget is. Make it easy for them to show you what you want and need. Many of us take pride in not just selling a bike , but fitting a bike to the person. If I sell you something you dont love then I did not do my job. Pleasure all-mtn, serious all-mtn, xc, marathon xc, epic, downhill, play time, race many types of many bikes....

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatdrinkride
    It's not like at Performance where people come in basically clueless as to what they want/need and are looking for guidance.
    HEY! I shop at Performance! I take offense to that statement sir.

    But I only ever go there when I know exactly what I want and it's on sale

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