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    To AM or not to AM

    I had 96 Zaskar and rode it until now because I never understood the full suspension hype on the trails I rode and the huge frame fit me like a glove.

    But I got tired of the super stiff frame and got 20" Kikapu with 100m Team Reba and full XT. It's a great ride. However I bent a cheap 400mm setpost and I am about to get Thomson setback with Thomson 140mm stem. I should really get 22" in the first place.

    We do not have big jumps here, actually we do not have any, but I like to pedal and shoot down the hill and the bike is not too stable on the rocky sections.

    So I have a crazy idea of getting $990 06 GT 5 4.0 i-drive bike, swap my XT over, get a new 130mm fork (replacing Judy J4 120mm the bike come with) and sell the GT components and Kona frame. I am 195lb so an extra 2lb or so wouldn't be noticeable IMO.

    Should I get Thomson and give it a second chance? To AM or not to AM?

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    before you buy an 06, ride an 07 gt 5 frame - much better imho. it has a more "together" feel to the geometry, and some improvements in the construction. It was a bike I liked a lot during my research, i wasnt' really impressed much by the 06 - felt lackluster. definitely ride both. performance has run sales on the 07's already.

    I don't know how this frame does on rocky decents? it's pretty bob resistant with seated pedaling, could use some platform shock if you like to stand at all.

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