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  • Used High end bike. (hopefuly a Stumpjumper w Brain shock)

    9 90.00%
  • New Entry level bike. (Giant Youkon FX for example)

    1 10.00%
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    Advice on chosing a new bike

    Ive been riding for about 10 years prob 20-40 times a year and would like to step up to a nice bike but my racecar drains most of my extra cash, so Im limited budget wise. I would like to get into full suspension, im currently riding a hard tail.

    I ride mostly wooded trails without any large drops(read as accent and decent with big rocks and roots).

    If I were to spend bwtween $1000 and $1500 which would be better.

    Option 1
    A used 2007ish(brain version 2) Stumpjumper FRS Comp with a Brain shock. Found a nice one but owner says bike jumps a gear once in a while even with a new derail/shifter/cable/chain. Its close enough that I could go look at it before buying.


    Option 2
    Buy one of the entry level new bikes from Gaint (Yukno FX) or Fezzari (Wiki Peak) or another you recommend.

    I have always thought the stumpy with the brain was a really awesome bike though I have never ridden one. Please keep in mind that budget. Saving more is not an option, I love riding but I dont ride that much and my other hobby costs big bucks and every $ counts.
    How much more bike is the stumpjumper that is 6 years old over new entry level bike? Is the 6 year old stumpjumper so much better than a new entry level bike that the bonus of everything be fresh and not need maintenance on the new bike not really a factor?

    Thanks for the advice and all the great information in this forum.

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    New bikes are a ripoff

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    used is always a risk or reward. sometimes somthings getting ready togo the owner doesn't even know about. the flipside is you can get really nice stuff for 1/2 price. in a different performance value. does the rear shock lose air over time? does the fork?

    if a jumping gear is the only bad thing hes disclosing that may be a good sign. if its not a bad derailleur, which would have been my first guess, it could be the chain, or cassette, or twisted derailleur hanger or tweak freewheel bent axle, or bad chain line from using the wrong bottom bracket, or toomany or too little spacers on one side of the bb. a lot times its the little plastic cogs on the rear derailler if they arnt perfectly true. maybe even a bad index in the shifter. really just speculating here. cant see the actual condition of the bike, could be somthin simple.

    my only fear is the brain. I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to work on it or what a specy dealer would charge, you could just replace it worst case scenario if ended up giving you problems down the rode. with a used no brain shock off ebay as long as the dimensions and leverage ratio is rite. or with fox the compression rating so to speak. low med or high. not sure what is recommended for a stumpy.

    check for lateral play in the rear end. but in the end I cant say which way to go, but I would probably keep hunting for high quality used. just hard to say, so many factors. whether or not a hucker owned it. how many miles are on it. the condition of the brakes, gears, pivots, frame fatigue, etc etc.

    the Yukon doesn't hold a candle to a stumpy. the overall specs just cant compete. the Yukon isn't giants maestro linkage either. Yukon is kind of xc geometry not as fast downhill. at 1500 I would be looking for a bike that sold a few years ago at most that retailed for just over 2gs, that way its not too aged.
    2014 will starting to be released in summer. by sept shops start dumping old stock that hasn't moved. not sure if you can wait that long.
    have you checked jenson usa? they are very trustworth and reputable. in fact google has marked them as google trustworth store. they do a lot of 123 year old stock from factories and blow it out for great prices. sizing can be difficult at times though. good luck shopping. jenson has the diamondback sortie which is nice trail bike for 1625 and the jamis xct at 1609. don't like the focus superbud. only 100mm.

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    You can get a much better bang for buck used, however it takes time. I see a ton of people asking high amounts for there used bikes just because they are in great condition and have sentimental value. My issue with used and I just ran into this two weeks ago is I cracked the frame(seat tube) on my Rocky Mountain. Because I bought it second hand off craigslist I had no recourse. Had to look for either a new frame or another bike entirely.

    I got fairly lucky and the guy who runs my LBS had a Stumpy FSR Pro frame he would sell me. I dont think I will ever buy another used bike due to what I dealt with on the cracked frame. I really think buyers are better off going for a left over or a bike on sale so you get the full warranty and the good re pore with the LBS. Its really like playing rush n roulette.

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