Rookie here in a dilema. I will be upgrading from my cheapo mongoose very soon. I will either be getting a Gary Fisher Marlin or a Specialized Rockhopper. I favor the Marlin. From my research it has slightly better componets. The $500 is my price range but I know I will want to upgrade.
Marlin comes with Bontrager camino rims. I found a website called price point that sells componets at good prices. Having a hard time finding info on these oem rims. Bontrager don't even list them on website. Can I slap some bb5 or bb7 avids on these rims? Bike shop salesman tells me its cheaper to just buy a bike with discs. Not sure if I will even need discs but know I will want them...just the way I'am.
Looks to me bike jumps 200 bucks with discs but they are bottom line discs.
Would just like some input trying to advoid any buyers remorse later.
One more question do most of you guys do your own tune ups or let bike shops handle it?
If I get Rockhopper I get free tune ups for life, Marlin dealer gives me 30 days and 15 mins free rack time for life.
Thanks guys for your input!