Coming off an XC bike and looking at some used bikes in the $1000 range. Both of these caught my eye and are selling for roughly the same price. I know these are more trail than AM so if there is a better place to post this up let me know.

Trying to compare the two bikes, I dont care about the difference in shifters/derailleurs.
Wheelset/crankset is pretty similar.

Trance: I am immediately drawn to the trance, but thats solely because I rode one and loved it and it looks a bit nicer. I have read so many rave reviews and have talked to some trance owners that love the bike. I also feel the suspension on the bike is a proven design. Sounds like the bike is a bit lighter. HT angle is 69.5 prefer something slacker, but upgrading to a 140mm down the road might help

Rocky Mountain: 140 mm suspension in the front is a huge selling point. It also comes with a better shock (DHX Air 5.0 vs Float R) but I am having trouble finding much information on the bike and the suspension platform that they use. It also seems the geometry page does not exist which is a concern.

Only difference from stock is the DHX shock