I'm moving up to BC this summer and I'll be buying a new bike up there. I'd been trying to find something similar to my Prophet for under 2 grand, but haven't had much luck there. So I decided I can live with less climbing ability and more beef and found 2 bikes that I think will fit the bill. Thing is though, I'm not too familiar with either model and I was hoping for some advice from the friendly folks here on the shredtastic AM forum. (Sorry I don't have any mountain dew to offer you guys.)

I weigh just around 150 pounds, I'm 5'7, and although I use my prophet to race XC, I prefer enduro riding.

Currently my first choice is this 2008 Norco Six 2: **New** 2008 Norco Six Two - Medium - 50% off! Full Warranty - Pinkbike
I'm leaning this way because A) It's "new"; I.E. stayed in a shop since 2008 and never really been riding besides maybe someone doing a parking lot test. It's ugly as all hell (perhaps...charmingly hideous), but the component spread seems to be pretty great (With the glaring exception of the fork, which I know is not known for being all that reliable). Also not being second hand I get a full warranty with it, which is a major, major plus. And yes, I contacted the seller and I've seen real pictures of the bicycle, not just the factory stock photo!

Second choice is this 2008 Specialized SX Trail: Specialized SX Trail - Pinkbike
While I may have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to specialized (partly due to their sue everyone attitude, and partly because it seems everyone and their dog's uncle rides them. I like being on something a little "unique". But eh, buying it used, moot point, just ranting by now.), I can't deny that the bike looks to be in really great shape, has a very solid mix of components, it's at a great price, and the component mix is again, right up where I want it. However, I don't like that it appears to be set up as much more of a freeride bike rather than just a bit burlier AM bike like the Six is. Yeah, weight isn't TOO much of a concern for me, but I would rather have something 35 lbs or less.

What do you guys think? Thanks much in advance!