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    07 Marzocchi All Mountain 1 or 07 Manitou Nixon Elite

    Hello all, firstly i'd like to say I would have included this in my other thread but the other one was long enough as it is. These forks will either be going on a 2005 Jamis Dakar XLT or a 2004 Giant VT with the XLT' spec, see here. My only concerns are that the Manitou forks are low quality, and the Marzocchi's have too much travel for the frames i'm choosing from. 160mm, will this be too much for the Dakar XLT or the VT? I like the adjustable travel feature of the Nixon's but the All mountain's have ETA which is pretty much a lockout system so I don't know. Help me out here guys.

    2007 Manitou Nixon Elite 115 - 145mm $400.

    Adjustable rebound and compression, plus travel adjustment
    32mm aluminum stanchions, magnesium ReverseArch lowers
    Coil spring
    Standard 1 1/8" steerer tube
    74mm Post-mount for disc brakes

    2007 Marzocchi All Mountain SL $460

    - 120mm to 160mm Travel
    - TST 5 & ATA Adjustability
    - Air Spring
    - Alloy FR Steer Tube & Crown
    - 32mm Alloy Stanchions
    - 6” Post Mount (Max Disc 8”)
    Additional Feature
    - 5.1 lbs (with uncut steerer, 20mm axle)

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    I think that either would work well for those frames but heres my 2 cents:

    Manitou Nixon - Why do you think Manitou makes poor quality equipment? Their stuff is top notch in the quality department. They usually don't have as many external adjustments but in this price range the fact that the nixon gives you high speed compression adjust is a major bonus! I used an '05 Nixon Elite and it is still to this day the most reliable and consistent performing fork I've ridden. I've had forks that perform better, but they've had maintenance issues that meant the Nixon was going back on the bike until the others came back. I have zero complaints about this fork and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something with longer travel.

    Marzocchi AM1 - I purchased one used and it came to me in a very jacked up fashion. I sent it to the factory to have it fixed and it came back in a jacked up fashion. I tried to fix it myself and it didn't respond well to my tinkering. The main problem I had was with the TST 2 cartridge and it never performed properly no matter what happened and promptly broke the second I opened up the fork to take a look. I cannot recommend this fork, it was a waste of my money and I hope you won't waste yours on it.

    BTW I noticed you put the 20mm QR nixon pic up, if you can get one of those buy it! You won't be dissapointed. A 145mm fork like the Nixon would work very well with either of those frames, it has a super low axle to crown ratio an it fits nicely into their travel range.

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    Sorry I changed the question, i've always prefered Marzocchi over Manitou. I had a pair of Manitou Sherman Firefly's and disliked them from day 1, I also had a pair of Marzocchi MZ comps and they lasted me better than the Shermans.

    I'm very tempted to get the AM SL because of all the funky features it has, like ATA and TST 5. Not that I would need TST 5, but its still a very cool feature. Not that it matters, but I prefer the looks of the Marzocchi All Mountain SL. Marzocchi said, even though it says All mountain this fork can be used for Freeriding too.

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    The TST function on the Zoke forks may not give you any issues. I think it might depend on your riding weight & terrain it's subjected to.
    I have 3 zoke forks w/TST, & have ridden most trails at Mammoth mountain Ca., (No full on double black downhill), & have had no issues on my giant reign.
    I did finally blow up the TST on my 05 marathon, but was relatevely easy to repair with twisting/pushing the lower bladder back in.
    That being said, I'd still like to try the latest RC2 cartridge everyone raves about at some point.
    I'm a Marzocchi fan...

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