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    New question here. Winter SS Gearing...revisited

    With the plethora of new wheelsets out there...wanted to revisit the question of gearing for SS - Single Speed and DMS - Derailleurless Multispeed Snow Bikes.

    FYI, here is the original posting and discussion:

    SingleSpeed SnoBike Gearing....

    Here is the calculator that I'm using:

    Given, 80 and 100mm rims with Endomorphs, 175mm crankarm

    !st QUESTION:
    what tire size would you plug into the formula for an accurate gearinch determination.


    The concensus in previous thread was for 'general' snow conditions ~ 38 to 40 Gear Inches was most useful.

    2nd QUESTION: Any additional thoughts on useful gear combos for SS and DMS layups? Suggestions?

    Quyana in advance....

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    29" or a little over. you could find the exact od of your tires by sitting on the bike and having someone hold a level across the top of the tire then measuring to the gorund from there.

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    Surly says that the Endo on Large Marges are 740mm in diameter and that a 29x2.1 is 737mm in diameter. I use to calculate my stuff. I've always thought that 32x20 with an Alfine would be a good spread.

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    I'm running 32x20 on 29"x2.1'" and it seems to be working pretty good.

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    24x22 on endos is great!
    for 29" 30-23 was pretty ideal

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