Got tires in the mail yesterday and to my surprise and delight the WTB Timberwolf 2.7 actually fit. Now it took a bit, mostly carving lugs off, (175 grams worth so far), but tweaking brake and front derailleur too. It's soooo close to the frame and a few lugs not cut close enough gently nudge the front derailleur. I thought it was fine but when trying to go into the little ring up front found it would just move enough to complain. Got out the Leatherman Wave, (best multi tool I've used), and by the finest of adjustments got it to work without rubbing tire, well, not enough to worry about. Really thought I was going to have to file a little edge off the derailleur and could have right there, 'cause I had the Leatherman. Here's a shot of the clearance. SnoCats on a Motobecane Team Fly.

Coming across this swamp towards the pipeline it was sort of sunny; even at midday the sun doesn't get above the trees in most places.

This is the near loop (I make these names up as this is an unofficial trail area and there's a bewildering bevy of trails). This was at the end of the ride close to the trailhead. I've been checking this loop. With the low snow, other connector trails off this loop have been unpassable. We did get about 2.5 inches of snow the last week or so and it was just enough to pack the main connector trails, both were open.

The 2.7 worked great, lots of float, sidewalls seem very strong at low pressure. On the front is a WBT Weirwolf 2.5 also new. It's bigger but has, I think, horrible treads and pattern. Way too busy and felt mushy as hell. I'll wack the crap out of it and it should be ok but am going to order more of the Timberwolf 2.7's and will probably put one up front. All that's left are 2 middle lugs every 2.4 inches on the Timberwolf and I might end up cutting those off too. Was able to ride some slightly packed trails today and I'm pretty sure the only reason was the bigger tires. Still enjoying the feel of the new lightweight winter bike.

It was about zero to -10F on this ride but a pleasant 20F up here in the hills.

Going to Anch. area for a few days but we're bringing snowshoes, too much new snow. Typed most of this while watching a cow and calf root into our compost pile. t