Amazing ride today outside of Fairbanks. For starters didn't even get to the Love Rd. trailhead til almost 2:30 pm, not only still light but sunny for the whole ride and got home in time to catch the sunset. Gaining daylight at almost 7 minutes a day is such a rush, it makes the dark midwinter days seem like a fading dream. A warm 15-20F with a balmy breeze. Wore Answer Kashmirs-gaitors and with heat packs feet were warm and comfy.

Trails were pump up tires to street pressure hard. Puts a smile on my face again just typing that. We had a week of high temps in the 20F to almost 30F range and the snow sintered beautifully. More mushers and skiers too which makes for good trails. Even the frosty snow off trail was a gloriously glistening, creamy cover. The sun is still low enough that the thicketlike sections of trail were considerably colder and the transitions between bright-open-warm and dim-dense-cool was not subtle.

Most of my riding is done in mid ring front, 2nd-3rd rear but today with the hard surface I was moving over the trails in 4th-7th rear. It was one of those days when your legs just start cranking and you're only along for the ride. Wonderful to hammer a bit with no worry of sweating, or breathing hard and irritating your throat. Couldn't believe how quickly sections of trail went by. Rode out and back on eastside trails then crossed the pipeline to do a loop on the dogteam ride trails. Rode just under 2 hours but felt so fired up it was hard to stop at the trailhead.

Here's a link to yahoo photo album with 6 photos from today at or near the top. The photos of todays ride are "Shadowrider" thru "Sunnytrail".

"Shadowrider" was taken at the same spot as "Snowdunesbike". When taking those photos I heard a scraping sound and looked up to see a dogteam passing in front of me about 300 ft. away on another trail. The team had only two trails to get back to the doglot and I was on one of them so I set up a shot and waited. Not enough patience, I'd just put the camera back in the bag when here he comes. Got "Just Missed" as he went by. All photos have short descriptions when viewed. "View" was taken at home when downloading these photos. You can just make out a little bump slightly to the left of center on the horizon, that's the Big Mac, aka, Denali. t