Got back yesterday from a week's trip to Anchorage and points south. The drive down was like a time machine as once south of the Alaska Range the trees had leaves again. After a night in Eagle River headed down to Hope last Thurs. for a few days of rainy riding. Tested out new Moonstone paclite GoreTex parka which worked great. It's got all the bells and whistles (most important for me, big zip pits) and I've finally got a very lightweight raincoat that will keep me dry in heavy downpours. Also tested new Answer Kashmir boots, love em'. Light, stiff, fairly waterpoof as they never got wet after hours of riding in the rain and finally dipped them in the creek for about 5 seconds, still dry. Really comfortable, the boots have a inner neoprene liner and two pairs of light, wicking, liner socks kept feet warm in temp from low 30's to mid 40's F. I wear size 10 to 10.5 and these size 48's were roomy and getting roomier, should be able to get another pair of thick shocks in them at least, without constricting feet. I hope they will work down to 15 or 20 F, we'll see. Used with Eggbeaters.

We stayed in a favorite old cabin on the soon to be Resurrection Resort. I lived there in 1970-72 running a small claim, tourist trap mining school, for the family that owns the land. It's not a claim but patented land which the Forest Service needs permission to be on. Knowing the local miners is great as I've got access to lots of riding closed to the public, not to mention getting a bit o' gold now and then. Got some good riding in Thur. on claims and Fri. managed 4 separate rides. Early morning claim riding, late morning riding with Sandy around the new fish enhancement-creek restoration project. She had her first real crash after freezing up coming down a short hill and not hitting the brakes. Good crash but I missed it as she was behind me, lucky to only have bruising and scrapes. Later we drove up past Cour d' Lane and on the way back I of course biked down the Palmer Creek Road (love that downhill run) and back to the cabin. Later I got one last ride up the Ressurection on the Motobecane, nice, but was getting a sore butt. Haven't been in the saddle much the last few months.

Sat. morning took the Epic up Ressurection 4-5 miles. A pharmacuetical resistant sore ass kept the ride short, plus there was work to do on the resort. Lots of bear crap and tracks. Horses had come out on Fri. but the trail was in surprisingly good shape considering all the rain. Lots of muddy spots but the mud was only 1-2 inches deep with a solid bottom. Rained lightly most of the way but the new gear kept me comfortable. Back near the trailhead saw a few other bikers heading up the trail.

Amazing to see green ferns and generally fall like conditions this late in the year. Hopefully the resort will be operating in a year or so and we'll spend more time down there.

Here's link to photo album. The first 6 photos are from this trip. t