• 12-28-2012
    P.O.S.(Paramount on Snow) group ride
    Hey everyone! Paramount is going to be hosting another group ride next Thursday January 3rd starting at 7pm. We are going to change up our location for this one and meet at Kincaid park. We will start from the Raspberry Parking lot. This is the first parking lot you come to as you drive into kincaid park. It will be on your right and it is located just outside the gates that they lock each evening. We will be exploring the great singletrack that the Single Track Advocates have put in. If you have any questions about further details please ask or feel free to call us at Paramount. See you all at the trailhead for some more fatbike fun.
  • 12-31-2012
    Hey everyone we are going to be cancelling our shop ride this week due to the warm weather and slippery conditions. We also don't want to damage the trails and rut them up. Let's hope for some snow these next few days to make the trails ride able again.