The October 27, 2012 edition of the Hollow Weaner will feature the most outrageous snow bike costume event and the winning snow bike will receive a $40.00 gift
certificate ! To be eligible for the gift certificate the bike must be ridden to the parking lot of East Chester, which is the start of the 7 PM brain tweaking scavenger hunt! The bike has to be ridden and complete the scavenger hunt to be eligible for judging. A BOB trailer maybe part of the snow bike costume !
Please bring food to share with our friends and wood for the almost nominated for sainthood, Fabulous Frigid Bits Burn Barrel!
Please use this thread for questions!
Oh, please attempt to drink as if you knew what being responsible is. Alcohol induced naps are frowned upon!

Also, all teams must have a digital phone/camera to photograph each of your successful finds !