Well, after the Goober Smacked wilding that occurred on the Hillside this past Saturday, its time for a genteel bike ride where all the water that you have to ride through is hard, all the hills are well, not hard, they are elsewhere and the riders are strong and the bikes are better looking than the riders !
Saturdays fun fest will also have a costume class, this is a head to toe class in that it must be a costume from head to toe. A thong or speedo is considered a full costume.
Riding naked is not a costume even with bike shoes. Each rider with a full costume will be awarded a 4 minute bonus only if they complete all of their laps.
Well, each lap will be about a mile in length, there will be many opportunities to practice your bike handling skills and figure out if you have any issues with sofa surfing or email separation anxiety ..... I just changed the number of laps to 4, 8, or 12.

Please be aware that this course has seen a woman totally without and kind of mercy, compassion or any warm cuddly fuzziness kick some very fast local guys' a$$ with glee accompanied with joyful chuckles ! Will you be the next person on the list of this very fast mother ?

The course should be in place by Thursday eve.

Some of you are new to this ride, so here is some info, I do the design and clearing and maintenance of the course with my snow clearing equipment or donated machinery, I also seek donations for gas to run the equipment. So, for this initial ice ride please consider donating a few bucks for gas or do what a kind spirited rider did last year, he donated gas container with a gallon or so of gas.

Please check this forum for up dates to the Almost famous Frigid Bits.