Like the title say's, there is a major ski race in Kincaid today (The Sven Johansen). This a 30 kilometer race considered the tour of Kincaid. It will go through severel of the Sta-Nsaa trail intersections. I would like to advise we (bikers and other multi use trail users) take a proactive aproach and ride elsewere untill after 3pm today. Im sure the course has been groomed to the 9's and is very sharp. I would like to avoid potential user group conflict's by asking that we just avoid the area untill after 3pm. Thanx for your cooperation. Nsaa has been very gracious and giving to our cause and I believe we can continue to foster this relationship.

Ps. On a side note there have been complaints of bikers riding on groomed ski trails both in Kincaid and on the Hillside. Unless you are on a multiuse trail, it is imapropriate to ride on groomed ski trails! It is very damaging to the efforts of Sta, and a thorn in Nsaa' s side. I would not be supprised if Nsaa get's fed up and retracs their support for our future projects. Let's work togeather to make sure that does not happen.