• 12-11-2012
    Zeppelin Elite Frame Bent? Rear Brake Alignment is Weird..
    Hello everyone.

    I own an Airborne Zeppelin Elite and I've been consistently having issues with the rear brake rubbing since I bought the bike. The fronnt brake is completely fine, however on the rear it almost seems like the pads come in at an angle.

    I tried to capture what's happening in this picture

    Anyways do you guys think my frame is bent? The weird thing that happens is that when I squeeze the rear brake lever to align the brake, it moves to a certain angle, and then when I tighten the screws the angle consistently shifts so that one pad comes in contact before the other.

    Let me know if you need more details.
  • 12-11-2012
    have you tried pulling the pads out and pushing the brake pistons all the way back in, and then trying to align the brake bay squeezing the lever and tightening the bolts? That's what usually works for me when I have one I can't get right.
  • 12-11-2012
    Rotor looks tweeked in that picture. Could just be something weird with the angle and lighting. But to confirm you could take the rotor off and put it on a flat surface or use a ruler/straightedge across the face.
  • 12-11-2012
    Took it to the shop today.

    I was right, some slight imperfection of the frame is causing the rubbing. The caliper is at the wrong angle over the disc. Paid the shop $20 to get it aligned correctly, I guess they're going to sand off some paint or something.
  • 12-12-2012
    Just wanted to follow up and say that Airborne offered to pay for the repairs. Great service from this company!

    Eric McKenna is a pleasure to work with.