• 11-27-2012
    New Goblin remote lockout kit

    I searched but didn't see any reference, but has a kit been to add the remote lockout option to the current shock?

    BTW...giddy like a kid on christmas over my new purchase!
  • 11-27-2012
    Glad you are excited about your Goblin!

    Adding a remote lock-out is more than just attaching the lever and cable, it entails replacing the motion control unit. You'd need something similar to this:

    Remote Upgrade Kit--Motion Control DNA w/PushLoc | SRAM

    My personal take on remotes is that they aren't worth the extra $$ and weight, when I can just reach down with my hand and flip the lever on the top of the right side of the fork. That's my personal take; I know that there are folks that love them.


  • 11-27-2012
    Meh...too much work, reaching down ain't THAT hard!

    Thanks for the help Jeremy...now get that bike on a truck headed to NC!