I just purchased the Hob and love this bike, love it! I have questions regarding the torque specs that are listed on AB website. They list the various specs below.
Recommended Torques:

Upper and lower shock pins: 100kg/mm

Upper Pivot to frame (6802 bearing): 200kg/mm

Upper Pivot to seat stay (699Z bearing): 90kg/mm

Lower Pivot to frame (6802 bearing): 200kg/mm

Lower Pivot to chain stay (6902 bearing): 180kg/mm

These seem very high. If you convert it to lbs/in it is 11,199.48 and 1265 nm again all way out of range for a bicycle. I thought it was a typo and contacted AB for some explanation. In the mean time what do you all think? My feeling is it should be expressed in kgf/cm which would make it a respectable 19.6 nm, using the 200kg/mm as an example. Your thoughts? Thank you.