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    wheel advice needed

    Hi yesterday I had my rear skewer break while riding and trashed my rear rim. The wheel came out of the droupout on one side and folded. iI got it straight enough to spin but the rim is cracked. The spokes and hub are fine though.

    me 245# and dropping xc trail rider (over 280 last fall). Bike rigid karate monkey disc front rear rim brakes. My current wheels are velocity dyad 32 hole with xt hubs.

    The options i see are: #1 Order a new rim and lace to my current hub/spokes. #2 New rear wheel (needs to be disc and rim brake compatible). #3 New front wheel and lace old front rim to rerar hub.

    I need to keep this under $200 and do not want to buy something that is a downgrade but i do not know how good what I have is. I had no real complaints about my wheels.

    Thanks for the help. (unsure if this should be here or wheels or beginner?)

    edit was thinking of using this as an upgrade oppritunity if i can get a better wheel for under 200.

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    Damn - you broke an XT skewer? Strong work! Personally I'm not sure I would re-use the spokes after something like that. If you want to stick to a rim brake rear wheel I'd say go with another dyad or see if you can find a Salsa Delgado rim (maybe go with 36 spoke count). I've built several wheels with Delgado's and they are pretty burly.

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    To use up $200 and get an upgrade wheel with noticeable ride improvement--
    Switch the front rim to the back and relace with brass nipples.
    Buy a LightBikes AM carbon rim and build the front with Dt SuperComp spokes and brass nipples.
    or Buy a FlowEx rim and a Hope or ZTR front hub and supercomps/brass. These have changeable endcaps so they go on your next ride if it has 15mm thru-bolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holmes View Post
    Damn - you broke an XT skewer? Strong work! .
    I am guessing i was not paying attention and overtightened it making it weak.

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