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    New question here. Upgrade to Reynolds 29 Carbon wheels - Advice?

    Dear community,

    I got an offer for a new set of Reynolds 29er Carbon wheels for a tempting price. The seller got them together with his Cannondale F29 but has another wheel set. (I will need a 142x12 axle, we are working on this)

    I have a Cannondale Scalpel Alloy 3 and are really tempted to upgrade the wheels. The key points for the upgrade are:

    - Weight loss: I think I can lose around a pound vs. the stock Inferno25 wheel set
    - Stiffness: Well here I am not so sure if that is what my problem is. I very often get sort of a ďlateral moveĒ of the bike at high speeds, like the bike shifting to the left/right for no apparent reason or bumpsÖ Secondly, when cornering the bike sometimes feels a bit wobbly, or I feel it even a bit hard to get the bike into cornering. I am not an experienced rider (it's my first 29er) but it sounds like it could be the very often cited lack of stiffness of the big wheels vs 26ers where I never felt that way.

    Question to the community:

    - Would you think that the second point would be addressed by the Carbon wheels?
    - I weigh 190-195 lbs w/o clothes, I believe thatís well within the limits of the wheels? My riding environment is rocky trails. I donít do any crazy drops.
    - Any negative experience with going tubeless on these rims?
    - Any reason why this upgrade would not be a good idea? (other than the bad customer service experienced in a separate thread)


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    I brought a set & they felt good, Even with the low spoke count they felt stiffer than my 32 spoke Flow wheelsets.

    I always worried about the low spoke count & didn't like the low points of engaugement (24 I think ) on the hubs, I got offered a good price for mine & replaced them with the industry 9 Torch trail carbon's with 32 spokes, They run the same rims, are much stiffer, look better & have 120 points of engaugement.

    So now I have a wheel set that I am truly happy with.

    I'm 180 lb
    Raising money, my friend broke his neck Mtbing, Please Share link.

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