I have a Diamondback Overdrive and a Surly Ogre build in progress. Basically, I was planning a frame swap to the Surly, and due to various blessings that is turning into two complete bikes.

I plan to do most riding on the Ogre, as most of my riding is small town commuting and mild XC. Because the DB is large on me, I also plan to use the Ogre for moderately technical trails. Where I suspect I will use the DB is where I determine I really need front suspension, and for when I need a spare bike for a guest.

My goal is this: To have two wheel & tire combinations that I can use on the Ogre, one or both of which still work on the DB. Ie if one of them is too big for DB, fine, as long as the other fits.

My thoughts are to have a mostly road set and a mostly trail set, with emphasis on climbing and floatation. The new wheelset (not using DB's Weinman rims) should have sufficiently wide rims that are on the tough side (think Velocity Chukker). Considering 36h or more if that would help. However, I don't want either to exclude the other use. I want to be able to take the scenic route to the store (mild singletrack) and take a combined rail trail + MTB trip, or a rail trail trip with guests (it's ok if I have a mild handicap as long as it isn't exceptionally awful on-road.)

Also looking for high puncture resistance for both sets. Not concerned about weight really. Open to tubed or tubeless. If buying a complete wheelset, needs to take disc brakes. Not planning on taking tires off of wheels if I can help it. I am open to using a different front and rear tire as well.

First stab:
Smart Sam plus for mostly road
X-King 2.4 for mostly off road

Anything else seem like a good fit?