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    Stan's Arch + Hans Dampf + tubeless + slow leak = normal?

    Before I go out and possibly kill myself from my tire popping off the rim just want to make sure I've done things proper.

    Over the winter I bought some used Stan's Arch's and just this week got my tire to go with it. The Schwalbe Hans Dampf 29x2.35 - tubeless

    2 days ago I mounted the tire on the rim (rim has stans rim tape and valves) with 1 full scoop and 3/4 scoop of stans sealant. used a floor/hand pump and got the beads to "pop" in place at around 30psi. Then I did figure 8's, suspended the tire flat on 1 side for a few mins, then switched to the other side, then put it on the bike and spun it really slow for awhile with the intention of getting the sealant in and all over as best I could.

    Last night I ran out and grabbed a digi pressure guage, the tire read 28psi and now I just checked and I'm now showing 24psi (not too sure how much I trust this guage once its on, if you move it slightly your reading changes drastically, so I tried as best I could to keep it in the same position on both readings)

    So basically it seems like I'm slowly loosing pressure. I did the mount on Monday and I dont have the rear tire yet, so I just wanted to see how difficult it was to do the tubeless. It was surprising easy, almost to the point that I feel I missed a step or something.

    I guess my million dollar question is if a slow leak is normal on a tubeless setup? I did a search and read that some people say on a fresh mount I can expect a small leak until a few rides, after the sealant gets in EVERY nook and cranny in there. I'd hate to have a leak that causes a burp that causes me to eject off the bike

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    I am also running a Hans Dampf on my front Stan's ZTR arch. I have had trouble with the Schwalbe tires holding the sealant and the best solution I have found is to ride on it right away after adding the sealant and pressurizing. It might lose a little pressure, but just pump it up as needed after your first ride and it should stay good.

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    Did you shake the wheel like it shows in the Stan's video? That's really the only way to get the sealant up the sidewalls and bead area to seal any leaks there.

    I was impressed with my latest Nobby Nics on my arch-ex's. I put them on without any sealant just to get the bead popped on and they held air overnight at 40 psi. I put sealant in the next day through the valve.

    It's normal to lose some air over time, even tubes lose air.

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    Typically, you need a ride or two to fully seat the bead completely. Specially if you did not use a compressor to set the bead by over-pressuring it initially...

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    I normally have to pump my tubeless once a week. But my hans dampf on a light bicycle rim held the right pressure for a month. I finally pumped it up after about 1.5 months.

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    Well I just put it to the test.
    Just did a reserved 15k ride, hit the dirt right after it rained all morning so the trails were super slick, muddy, wet and awesome.

    I'm absolutely blown away with the Hans Dampf. It def does roll much slower then my stock renegades but the grip and cornering was unreal. The HD just velcro's itself to any and all situations. 5 thumbs up for that tire, night and day difference.

    But more towards the original topic, the ride went smooth, no issues, no visible signs of sealant anywhere so I guess no leaks and the pressure held strong at 24psi all ride and still right now. Don't wanna jump to conclusions but I think its good now and ready to rumble.

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    Soapy water all around the bead and valve stem. If no bubbles/leaks then what you are losing is normal. With my Nobby Nics extra sealant helps hold air better between rides I do 2.5 scoops.

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    I usually soap the rims and tires and blow the bead on with a compressor. Then fill it to max pressure and let it sit for a while. Then I pull the valve core and add the Stan's. Blow it up to max again, shake and let it sit overnight again. The next day relieve the excess air and ride.

    Good luck

    PS: Works with RR and NN.

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    The most leakage is usually in the first few days of a new tire mount. After a few rides they seal up better and leakage is more slow. I only need to add air every 3-4 weeks or so. (Currently running Spec Fast Trak and Maxxis Ignitor on Stan's Flow, but the Nobby Nics were the same).

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    FWIW, my experience with the same HD setup has been great. Minimal air leakage (1 psi/wk), great handling, no burps, and I run 20 psi w/ Stans.

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