I have a Specialized Traverse on my Scalpel that I picked up over the summer after making a taco out of the stock Ringle that came on the bike.

I've had no problems with the wheel, but mounting tires on it is an absolute nightmare. I've swapped 3 tires on it (two Ardents and a Hans Dampf), and both myself and my usual bike-wrench-buddy had a heck of a time getting tires mounted on the thing. It's claimed 3-4 tire irons so far, and was a serious job even when fitting a worn in tire with a few hundred miles on it.

Is anyone else running this wheelset having this problem? I don't have the rear (just the front) and am considering changing both to a set of i23s, for the sole reason that I'm not 100% confident that I could unseat the tire to throw a tube in it if I got a flat on the trail.

I have no problems at all mounting tires up on any other wheels, just this lone Traverse that I have on my bike right now.