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Need something tall, dark, and narrow for your Pugs or offset 9zero7?

Maybe for a summer single track or gravel epic?  Or winter use with skinnies+studs?

These might fit the bill.

Bontrager Duster OSB (Offset Spoke Bed) rims allow you to build for the Pugs offset with good tension balance.  Not many offset 29" rims to choose from these days, and these are my all-time favorites of that genre.

I laced this set to a Surly Ultra New Disc 135mm wide front hub and a Shimano M756 XT rear hub, using DT Swiss Competition butted spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.  All black.

They are Tubeless Ready and come with Bontrager TLR strips and valves installed.

To be clear, the front wheel is laced on-center since most forks these days are built that way.  Want offset?  Happy to do it for you--no change in price, just specify your preference.

Rear wheel is laced for the 17.5mm Pugs offset.

$500 includes shipping for this set.

I also have them in all-silver, built with the *exact* same components.

Want tires?  I've been using and liking the Bontrager XR4 (2.3) up front and XR3 (2.2) out back for my summer fatbike-converted-to-29" uses.  No hassle tubeless on these rims.  Add $90 to the total and I'll ship them with tires installed.

Need 'em?