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    Niner RDO Axle to Crown - Potential Issues?

    Was contemplating trying a Niner RDO CF fork but concerned about potential handling changes due to the difference in the axle to crown length for my suspension fork vs. the Niner fork. My Fox Float 32 100mm fork is roughly 500mm axle to crown and deducting 10% of travel length for sag puts it roughly at 490mm adjusted axle to crown. The Niner RDO fork is 470mm axle to crown triggering a 20mm difference which seems like a lot. Concerned that dropping my front end 20mm will have a significant impact on my bikes handling. Seems like the Niner fork is suspension corrected for a 80mm travel fork rather than 100mm (although most XC frame geometries these days are spec. for 100mm). Has anybody gone from a 100mm suspension fork to a Niner RDO and if so what was the impact on the handling of your 29er?

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    Okay so I just checked my sag and it's more like 20% which gets me down to 480mm adjusted axle to crown on my suspension fork so now my difference is only 10mm. I'm guessing that won't make a huge difference?

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    I am running a Niner carbon tapered fork on both my mountain bikes, a Kona Raijin and a SC Highball.

    No problems for me, although have not ridden either bike with a 100 mm fork.


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    I think 10mm won't be a problem. Once out of the saddle too, you'll have more compression on your sus fork

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    Depending on your current set-up you may be able to gain effective A-C by using an external cup headset.
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    It's highly unlikely you will notice a difference. If it worries you, there are 485mm A-C carbon forks out there.

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