• 11-29-2012
    Need some input on a Reba fork
    First let me say im still really new to all this so all the reading I have done on here has done nothing but confuse me more and make my decision even harder :(
    Recently I bought a new 2013 Trek Wahoo (back on labor day) and this weekend I want to get a new fork, the stock suntour is horrible so I had it down to a Reba or manitou tower pro...think im set on reba now but here is the things im not sure of....

    So the frame has this g2 geometry so do I need a g2 reba? is their sucha thing?
    see now their is solo air and dual air which I just spent a hour reading a 3 page thread on the differences but it pretty much went over my head...prices are all over the place on ebay going from 2011 to 2012, is their any difference between the 2 years?

    LIke to get a new headset also since the stocker has plastic parts in there and is kinda cheap but im having hard time finding what I need or fits, read to find out if you have tapered or not to check the bottom head tube to if its flanged well it is but the top is also:confused: maybe a pic would help?

    Lastly the axle debate, mine now is 9mm but see you can goto 15mm is it really something to do or is it for the hardcore guys?
    I am not a hardcore rider by any means, just ride on our local path that has rocks and stuff no jumping or anything crazy.

    I started out at 225lb im down to 212lb now if that is needed info, plan to get lower :)

    Thanks for any input here and sorry for the newbness, my head hurts from all the reading and info! lol, just wanna pick something and go buy it.
  • 11-30-2012
    This will get you into a head set : Headset Fit Finder . Buy a new fork, Reba might be a little more friendly for heavier riders. I wouldn't worry too much about the fork offset (G2) unless you were super secretive to you current steering. Personally I think 9mm QR's shouldn't be on mountain bikes but going from a 9mm to 15mm usually requires a new hub if the current isn't convertible (many oem hubs are not).
  • 11-30-2012
    And then? :confused:

    Thanks for the link that helped.
    Still on the fence for a shock, more I read here the more im leaning back towards Manitou :madman: im not a rich guy so need to pick the best I can for the $$$ cause I will have it awhile.

    Anyone had experiance with FSA headsets?
  • 11-30-2012
    what exactly is wrong with your current fork? I have the same one and Im in your weight class riding trails tougher then what you describe and dont have an issue with it.

    I love upgrades as much as the next guy, Im just curious.
  • 06-17-2013
    FSA zero stack headsets are not as good as Cane Creek, quality-wise. My FSA ZS headset had this minute slop/play that was driving me and my LBS tech nuts. Turned out the lower angle contact bearing(tapered) was chamfered too deep....meaning the bearing did not sit square inside the lower cup.....it was rotating similar to a ball and socket would. The solution of all things - was to use a Cane Creek lower 1.5" ID bearing which fit BETTER inside the FSA cup than FSA's own bearing did!

    You will love the Reba fork, man. It's plush and has lots of fine tuning ability, for a very dialed-in custom fit. Money well spent....
  • 06-17-2013
    lol well this is old now, I went with Manitou and the fsa headset and its all good no slop or anything at all. I do have a straight tube but I find out after I bought the fork I could of switched to a tapered? suppose to be better?