Sorry, couldn't resist a pun in the title.

I just got a Gravity Dropper Turbo LP. Haven't even installed it yet, just arrived. I knew ahead of time that I didn't really like the accordion-looking boot, and I thought a Lizard Skin might do the trick. I already bought a medium-girth Lizard Skin chainstay protector for the experiment.

So I pulled the top of the boot out of its little slot, and I found out right away that when the boot was loose at the top, it prevented the post from dropping into its downward-most position. Hmm... so now, before I cut the boot off, I am pausing to consider if the Lizard Skin will scrunch up and bind the post too.

Has anyone put a Lizard Skin on a Gravity Dropper post? If I'm the first, I guess I'll have to "post" the results.