Hi everyone,
I was doing some google searching and came across this site MULTIPLE times.

I have a 2005 Gary Fisher Montare that has been sitting for about 3 years. I just graduated college and I started to ride it again. Since buying it in 06, I put on about 30 lbs. (Im 230 now).

Now that I can ride it again, I feel like I want a stiffer front fork but have no idea where to begin. I dont know the market, I dont know the specs to look for.

The stock fork is a Manitou South, and I think Elite 75mm. It seems that the seals have leaked because there is some oil around the cylinders and I feel like the fork just isnt that supportive. When I get on, it sinks, and when I pedal it compresses and rebounds more than I would want.

I want something that has a great value, (a good price, and great product) but not some professional level piece. Id even rebuild this one if its 1. possible, and 2. likely to be much stiffer than it is.

Can I have some advice and direction please?