I love clmbing for some reason and I love having my pedals stick to my feet when I tuck my legs up, with the seat down of course. I'm looking at a dropper post:

KS LEV dropper
Crank bros Kronolog

I really like the small line on the LEV and Kronolog and I like the adjustability and reliabiliy. I also feel like Fox has a great advantage with the trail option on the DOSS, likewise, your able to stop the LEV anywhere on the post. I measured from my clamp to my highest seat height, at about 6". I doubt I'll need 6" of drop, but for the guys who are above, probably 6'1" would def benefit.

I'd love to be as light as possible but I'm still a bigger rider, slowly loosing weight and hopefully I can be back to 200 where I was when I had my giant a few years ago.

Their are plenty of vids on youtube and info on the web but I almost want to wait out the winter and see what comes out spring of 2013.

Thats why I'm saying fun over weight any day. I love seat up for climbing and love having it down for using the bike like a slolomn machine.

These dropper post are a the same as a good rim so I'm starting a savings fun NOW.