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    FSA bb90/95 in trek carbon compatible w shimano cranks?

    anyone know off hand if the spacers that are used with the FSA cranks are to be used with shimano cranks? the shimano cranks actually fit the BB really well, just have no idea if the 1.1mm spacer used on the drive side with the FSA cranks is part of their bottom bracket or the crankset. bike is a 2015 superfly 9.6 with the 2x fsa f2000 crankset . i have an SLX 3x crankset & front der that is going on. seems to work well with or without the 1.1mm driveside spacer. spent 30 minutes on google and can't find any real direct answers. the bottom bracket just says FSA bb90, the actual measured width of the BB is 95mm on the frame. the spacer simply says 1.1mm bb90 fsa

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