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    Front tire recommendations for this trail:

    I have a Maxxis Crossmark on right now, but i need something a little more grippy for this trail, any help appreciated:

    MTB Florida | Oleta River State Park - YouTube

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    Nice trail...plenty of features to keep you paying attention! My go-to front is the Hans Dampf. It really keeps the front planted, and you can run it tubeless with really low psi (20psi for my 175# +).

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    Wow. Awesome trail. Whoever said Florida was flat never rode a bike there.

    My guy at the LBS turned me onto a Specialized Ground Control S Works. I asked for more grip and volume to keep my clyde ass on the trail. It works nice. 2.3 tubeless on a 30mm wide rim.
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    I'm lovin' the Hans Dampf.
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    Thanks folks, I'll check those out. Also, for those who think there's no fun riding in Florida, look at videos for Markham Park, Amelia Earhart Park in the south, and Santos Trail in the central part of the state....good times.

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    Specialized Captain Control here on the front on the HT and a Kenda Nevegal on the front of my FS, that is one tire that holds and holds but it is a tad heavy and doesn't have the best rolling resistance.

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    If you're running a Crossmark on the rear, then the perfect companion is an Ignitor for the front. Great, fast XC tyre combo, ran it for several years for XC, really loved them, run more aggressive tyres now since I ride more aggressive trails now. Wish MAxxis would listen and offer the Ignitor in a 2.3" for 29ers like they do for the 26ers.
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    The On-One Chunky Monkey 2.4 is a sticky high volume tire, same casing as the Ardent but softer compound and can be found for half the price of the competition right now.
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    WTB Bronson or Weirwolf would shred there.

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