Frameskin Advice

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  • 01-12-2013
    Frameskin Advice
    Just received my frameskin decals for my ltc and was wondering if it is better to soak the whole sheet in warm water with dishwashing soap or to remove and soak each decal individually. Any tips and advice to make sure the process go smoothly would be appreciated.

  • 01-12-2013
    Hi,good choice. I've put these on 3 of my bikes and its a great investment esp if you have a carbon frame!
    I took my time and did them one by one, peeled them off, dip in soapy water then positioned onto the frame. Don't leave too much water on as the transfer will slide all over the place .
    Then use a hair dryer to heat the transfer and remove the water while pressing the transfer down. Take your time and it will be well worth it. Start with the smaller ones to get some practise first then the main frame transfers.
    You can't really tell when there on but have saved the frame from numerous nicks and grazes.