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    Frames worth the upgrades?

    Hi guys, I have read many posts and threads on MTBR where people ask about replacing this part or that on their bike. Someone will always post to make sure the frame is upgrade worthy.

    My Question is what makes a frame upgrade worthy?

    It seems to me that any of the major manufactures frames are worthy as long as they are less than a few years old. I wouldn't think anyone on here would consider putting on a high dollar fork or whatever on a walmart bike.

    So whats your list of qualities of an upgradable frame?

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    it's personal...for me like you say it needs to be able to accept what ever gear you want for it. Frames that are too old can be problematic to upgrade, and best kept as they are. Mostly, it's just a frame you like enough to hang onto for a long time. Some quality of build and decent geo are the main things here so that you don't break, or get "sick" of riding it.

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    Frames worth the upgrades?

    Depends on your perspective of course. I feel wheel upgrades offer the best bang for the buck, then a fork rebuild. The new Specialized carbon wheels look good.

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    Frames are upgrade worthy if you're happy with the fit, looks, ride feel/handling, capability that matches your trails and riding style, weight, durability (or warranty support), and is compatible with parts you put on it.

    I wouldn't be too quick to upgrade a frame that ran some obscure sized parts, that wouldn't be able to be sold or fit on another frame. I really like frames that are compatible with many parts. I also like a frame that looks nice and goes well with various aftermarket parts. If I bought a frame that's overbuilt for the various trails I have within a reasonable distance, I dunno if I would upgrade that, especially after I rode them so much that I know all the smoothest lines and could ride them with a weight weenie rigid bike.

    I'm admittedly fashionable, and I'd rather upgrade a popular name brand bike like a Yeti, Trek, Santa Cruz, or Niner. An entry level Kona, I'd honestly would downgrade with replacement parts as they broke. I'm weird though--when stuff breaks, I buy a relatively cheap replacement, but when it works fine, I replace it with lighter stuff that might break more easily.

    I'd start out with fit and contact points, like tires, grips, pedals, saddle, stem, and handlebar then work on performance parts like suspension fork and brakes. Then I would go for utility, like a dropper post or QR seat collar. I'd then look to do cheap feel upgrades like quality cables, to refresh my drivetrain. And finally, I'd like to drop some weight, such as in the wheels, and other large objects and objects that move like the bars, seatpost, crank, pedals, etc, where I might be able to drop at least 100g/quarter pound without spending too much.

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