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    Fox 34 Talas 29 CTD 110-140mm & Fox 34 Float 29 CTD 140mm OWNERS

    Hi everyone!

    I'm intersted in the 2014 Specialized Enduro 29er that has two fork options:
    1. the new Fox 34 Float 29 CTD 150mm
    2. the new Fox 34 Talas 29 CTD 120-150mm

    My current ride is a Trek Rumblefish, 120mm fork, no TALAS, no CTD

    My first (and favourite) choice is the Float, but I have a couple of questions for TALAS 110-140mm and Float 140 owners.

    I hope the answers would help me figure out whether I need the TALAS 120-150mm or maybe I can go with my favourite choice and get the Float 150, since I really HATE dealing with the fork features during my rides.

    So, here's my questions:

    1. Do you use the TALAS all the time? dropping it to a 110mm on every steep climb and opening it to full 140mm travel on the downhills?

    2. Is it possible to climb steep climbs relatively well with the Float 140 or the TALAS opened to it's 140mm travel? Does anyone put the TALAS on the 140mm mode and just leaves it there?

    3. Do you use the CTD feature all the time during tour rides? turning it to descent mode before you go downhill? turning to climb mode before you go uphill? is it possible to leave the CTD on one mode and still go downhill, uphill and flat terrain quite good?

    Thanks, Mo.

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    I climb just fine with my Fox 34 Float 140mm. Had a 34 Talas before and used it once, only reason for buying was the black lowers. I doubt 10mm will make or break your climbing abilities. I would venture the Float route, can't comment on CTD but from what I read, I don't like it. My current Float 34 is a mix of both 2012 and 2013 that I recently received from Fox's warranty department, FIT RLC damper with the new updated Float air spring, can't wait to try it out in a few weeks.

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    Your question is moot. The Talas 34 120/150 is OEM ONLY. I talked directly with Fox. I checked availability since I think that fork would be perfect on a Spider 29Comp.
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    Is it OEM only just for now?
    What about Fox 2014 forks lineup? Any chance to see it then (or maybe at Sea Otter next month)?

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