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    Fork me? No fork you! Carbon fork help please...

    Any testimonials or red flags? I care more about ride quality than weight.
    Origin 8
    Basically, is it worth spending more, or is the new Origin 8 carbon steerer fork the best bang for the buck? Niner I'd have to order on-line, which I very much try not to do. Rest are LBS avail in my area.

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    There's Syncros and PRO too.

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    And then there's the Chisel.
    I haven't seen one in person yet. The only issue I see is the integrated crown race.

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    My most recent bike (ebay used) came with the Origin 8 carbon fork. The brake posts were so uneven, I had to file them down to get the brake to lined up correctly. Once that was done, I've really enjoyed the fork.

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    Don't overlook the CarbonCycles forks. I don't have one personally, but I ride with a guy that loves his, and they seem pretty reasonable price wise. I'm considering one myself.

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