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    First timer building a rigid 29er from the frame up

    After selling a stumpy comp HT some time ago, i've started on the journey toward building my first bike.
    I expected the build to be pretty expensive, and it's been a decent learning curve so far.

    The priorities of my build include:
    1) durability/low maintenance
    2) low cost (for a ground up build), i.e. used parts

    As a result i'm scavenging through evilbay/rotorburn/gumtree on a daily basis in search for used parts that are in good condition. As for the bike, I envision a rigid 29er; with a potentially spiderless single front ring; and 8,9 or 10 speed in the rear; and a cheap front fork (carbon or metal).

    For the drivetrain, I'm not entirely sure how to fit together the different spec of so many pieces including rear hub, chain, cassette, and front ring. Hopefully someone can share a layman's explanation or provide a brief summary on what I should consider when hunting down these components. I live in a relatively flat area, so a med-large front ring would probably be fine.

    Forks, well here I keep finding myself looking at the flood of generic carbon forks available. Of these, I am considering these Macmahone's (though I hate that green sh*t at the front), and these Alero (fat/beefy carbon forks. And finally the most generic of all: Super duper ultimate chinese carbon forks. Otherwise, for alloy/chromoly, I'd take anything cheap, setup for disc only. let me know if you know of anything!

    Crankset: I'd most like to run a 4 bolt single ring setup, or an altogether spiderless one. Essentially I want clean lines and plain finishes. I saw some brand new, 4 bolt, truvative ones sell for $20 on evilbay, and I'm kicking myself I didn't pick them up. I don't know anything about spiderless, can anyone explain how this works? Can you just put the spiderless chain ring connector thingy on your crank arms and bam, a spiderless ring will attach?

    Rear end drive train.. I've got no idea! Cassette + derailleur + rear hub + chain + front ring. All rather daunting at the minute. 8, 9 or 10 speed. Any recommendations?

    Wheels: Saw a set of giant 29er wheels sell on evilbay for 56 smacks, but the mofo didn't offer postage and they were interstate. I'm a big heavy lad, and these are potentially going to be the priciest part of the bike. Ideally I'd spend less than 150, but I know this probably won't get me far. Definitely won't spend more than $250. What do I need to consider in the rear hub, to be running gears with horizontal dropouts?

    Brakes: My eyes are focussed primarily on BB7's, simply based on their reviews and known reliability. Had avid elixirs on my stumpy, and were horribly loud at any speed - despite new pads, copper paste, and realignment.

    Stem/seat/seatpost: here I'm happy to buy pretty haggard gear, and simply spray paint it if need be. I figure so long as these components work, not much can go wrong. Also pretty easy to find very cheap stuff.

    So far Ive got:
    - On-One inbred 29er (21inch), horizontal dropouts, white. I wish XL frames looked as rad as medium ones.. oh well.
    - Handlebars + grips
    - FSA Orbit XL II headset
    - Crank Deus XC crankset (which is too intense for my purposes, and is for sale if anyone's interested)

    If anyone can give me some guidance/recommendations, i'm all ears, simply don't know where to start for half of it.


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    I'm finishing up a conversion of a steel SS rigid to a front-suspension 3x10.

    I used an M629 hub, triple-butted spokes, and a Rhyno Lite rim (because I'm on the heavy side). It was extremely easy to put together, and so far I'm pleased. The cassette took about 5 seconds to install, so I wouldn't worry about that aspect.

    I went with a 10-speed rear because it seems like the only option that isn't being phased out, and I was also debating leaving it as a 1x10. That didn't work out for my fitness level and terrain (Montana), so now I'm adding 3x in the front. I bought my crankset via ebay for about $20, so we'll see how that goes. Theoretically I'll be getting rid of the full ss kit on ebay at some point...
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    From a durability/low maintenance/clean look approach, have you considered an IGH? The most cost effective and reliable option would be the Alfine 8. Not sure how that would play with the frame you have could ask on the IGH forum as someone there would know. Crankset wise most spiderless set ups have some retention system at the axle, but others use bolts near that area. I have Middleburns that have a lockring and spline. You need to know what your crank uses and source a suitable ring. There are a few around now....some good info in the SS forum. With brakes if you want low maintenance BB7s are not may want to try shimano hydros though as they rarely play up and don't usually need lots of fiddling with pad clearance issues like the avids.

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    SS stiff bike

    Sir9 frame (small)
    Steel just rides nice and since it's fully rigid steel smooths things out and the 142X12 rear drop out and tucked in rear brake mount is super custom looking.
    Niner Carbon fork, I didn't get a steel fork, although they ride really nice,I opted for carbon for stiffness and the steel isn't tapered. I didn't get the RDO because I have a 100x9 thru axle Hadley hub and didn't think the QR 15 was needed.
    E13 XCX cranks, super solid and stiff. unique axle that makes this crank the best for SS, plus the CNC looks awesome
    Thompson setback post because the small frame is a little small for me and a carbon post on a hard tail is just asking for problems. Thompson makes the best seat post, anyway
    I just put Kenda's new Honey Badger tire up front and love it,large volume adds some spring and it hooks up well too
    Hadley SS hub is great and hears why. a 142X12 SS specific hub with Ti free hub. durable,light weight and rebuildable.
    That's just a few highlights for now,I'm not being paid to write this.
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