• 01-14-2013
    Easton EC90 carbon seatpost or KCNC Pro-Lite 8000 seatpost....Prices are similar. Whi
    I need to buy a new seatpost for my 29er. The two finalist are Easton and KCNC. I'm 135LBs and do regular trail run. No jumping. Which one should I get ?

    I did some digging and found that peoples are complaining regarding the clamp in the EC90 and carbon post are more troublesome. KCNC is light, durable and sharp looking. Its overall feedback is +ve and it is very very light. Lighter than the EC90.

    Any input will be welcome.
  • 09-09-2013
    I will be watching this thread too.

    Aerozine seems to have a post that is similar to the KCNC. There are plenty of them on eBay for about $70 delivered, but most are 400mm & I need 350mm.

    I could cut a 400 down, but it may not be as light as a factory 350. My stock Bonty seatpost has walls that get thinner as you get towards the bottom. Does anyone know if that is the case with KCNC or Aerozine? That said, I would still prefer to have something with a legitimate min insertion mark, although I suppose I could scribe a new one.

    TorontoCycles.com carries both btw.