• 01-17-2013
    DIY thru axle mount and adapter
    I bought a 29'er with a Reba RL fork and none of my stuff is compatible with it so I decided to fab some stuff up instead ordering a bunch of stuff. To start off I found some 3/4" tube with an ID close enough to work with my 15mm axle. Next I went to the steel supply place and scrounged through their rack of 1-2' sections. I found some 2" angle, some 1.5" square tube, and some plate that just happened to be cut arond 1.25" wide.

    first I cut myself a stack of 100mm sections of tube. I tested to make sure I could clamp them in my fork.

    I have a high tech 2x8 in the bed of my truck so I cut some 2" angle with 45's on both ends. I don't think I even measured it but it's probably about 3.25" at the top and the bottom is probably around 6". I drilled a couple holes in the bottom to mount to my 2x8. Whaaala.

    Next up, for those times when I need to throw my bike on friends' racks or whatever I make an adapter to work with a standard fork mount. Cut some 1.25" plate to 3.25" long. Then drill a couple holes at one end and slot them so they'll clamp in the mount. On the other end I made a real faint hacksaw line where I wanted to make my bend. I don't have a vice in my garage so I did it ghetto style and screwed a 2x4 to my workbench to clamp down the steel with the part I wanted to bend hanging out. Break out the BFH and start bending. I used a square with degrees marked to make sure I hit 45 degrees. I used an old skewer and one of my 100mm pieces to square it up and bevel the edge that would get welded.

    Last, I needed to mount my bike on my Park PRS-20 workstand. This piece is pretty simple. 6" of 1.5" square tubing with a 3/8" hole drilled in the side so a nut can be welded and a 100mm tube welded to the top.

    Once it was all welded and I made sure they'd fit I hit them with some self etching primer and some paint I had around the garage.

  • 01-18-2013
    Bravo, well done!
  • 01-18-2013
    Stupendous Man
    What he said! Bravo, well done!
  • 01-20-2013
    tthanks fellas!
  • 01-20-2013
    Yeah, nice!

    I need to figure out how to do this with a Lefty axle.

    IIRC, the right side is 15mm ID and the Left side is 25mm ID. Figure out where those contact points are, weld a plate on the end or something, and get another left hand threaded bolt to secure the fork into the tube.
  • 01-20-2013
    Very cool. :thumbsup:
  • 01-20-2013
    Awesome. After seeing that, I am so NOT going to try. I will just buy one for $40 that does not look as good as what you made.
  • 01-24-2013
    You got the tools and materials, very well done. Saved yourself at least $100.
    Wish I had the same abilities ...