Finally I am in the process of putting together a WFO. Since my local LBS doesn't have a WFO frame in XL in stock he has to buy them from another dealer in europe. Problem is that while he's ordering the frame he has the option to order a complete kit to it aswell at a very reduced price and i would like your input on those kits.
It is possible for me to mix/match a bit but that will increase cost pretty much.

If money was not an option i would like to do take setup 1 but switch out the drivetrain and brakes to shimano XT + XTR shadow+ rear deraileur (sp?). Or is the sram setup that im offerd good enough? ( never had any experience with sram components )

Input please! if you had to pick one kit, which would it be, or is it worth mixing and matching?

Thank you in advance!

Setup 1:

rear shock: Fox DHX5 or monarch plus
Fork: Fox Float 34 140 mm 15 mm
wheels: NoTubes Flow + Hope Pro II 15 mm
Brakes: Formula The One
rear shifter: SRAM X0 10vxl
front shifter: SRAM X7 2 x 10
Controls: SRAM X9 2 x 10 Trigger
Crank: SRAM X9 2 x 10 GXP 175 mm
chain SRAM PC 1031
Cassett SRAM 1030 11-36 10-D
saddlepost: Reverb Hydraulic

Setup 2:

rear shock: Monarch plus
Fork: RS revelation 140
wheels: American Classic MTB Disc Tubeless Ready + schwalbe racing ralph
Brakes: shimano XT 180mm front + back
Rear shifter: shimano XT
Front shifter: XT
Controls: XT
Crank: XT 26-38
cassett: XT 11 - 36Z
Saddlepost: syntace p6 (non-hydraulic)