Ok, I am sure this has been answered in other threads......but I want my own thread.

Going on a Niner Jet 9, Crest rims, 145lbs rider, New England trails. It will be for dry conditions only as I have IRD FireXC 29 for when traction will be a concern.
I run pressure around 20-22 PSI with the FireXC's.

I can always run the FireXC in the front for questionable dry conditions, but overall I want set of front and rear fast, light, tough (can take the rocks) tires.

On the short list are
Small Block 8 2.1
Raven 2.0 (maybe the 2.2)
Panaracer Driver
Specialized Renegade

I will have two different wheelsets so no concerns about having to switch out tires on wheels.