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    46mm Vs 51mm offset forks on the same frame

    Has anyone tried a 46mm offset fork and a 51mm offset fork on the same frame.

    I have a frame to build up, theoretically designed for my Fox34 29 with 51mm offset. There aren't really any concessions to the frame geo on the back of the fork offset.

    I was planning to replace the Fox with a Pike. I can get a 51mm offset Pike, but they are lagging behind the 46mm in terms of availability.

    Anyone experience both offsets e.g. swopped from a Revelation 140mm to a Fox34 on the same frame that can give me some feedback (Subjective I know) on how much the steering is slowed/speeded up by the different offset?

    The shorter offset obviously decreases the wheelbase slightly (6mm) but results in more trail thus slowing steering response slightly(and adding a theoretical amount of stability)

    I have only ever used the 34 on my frame.

    Basically trying to decide if I need to wait for the 51mm Pike or not.

    Aka chainline...

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    The 51mm offset fork will have shorter trail, for a stable ride without the twitchy feeling found on steeper head tubes. The only maker that optimizes a 51mm fork offset through "G2" geometry, is Gary Fisher/Trek. Otherwise, go with whatever is available and not worry too much about it....seriously.
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    The Ibis Ripley was designed around a 51mm offset as well.

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    What is the axle to crown on both forks? The Fox34 has a greater offset standard to account for it's higher axle to crown height. If you look at the numbers for an F29 - 32 120mm vs a an F34 29er spaced to 120, you will see what i mean. I have used both G2 and 46 mm offset forks on the same bike and the handling was affected a bit, but nothing you couldn't get used to.

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