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    29er studded tires

    Looking for some recommendations. Nokian 294 2.1 vs schwalbe ice spiker pro vs 45 north nicotine? I have had good luck with the nokians in 26er.

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    Nicotines seem like the latest and greatest, lots of studs, big and fat, new technology, from a winter company like the nokians. I would have gotten them for my big dummy, but they don't come in 26 so I got nokians.

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    Given the number of views in this thread .. this response will probably be lost .. but since I don't see many people talking about the nicotine .. I'll give my preliminary non-report (lots of words to say not much)

    I bought these as a birthday present to myself for those commute days in Edmonton after a snowfall. Normally, the ride is on hard-pack snow (either on the walking trails in the park or on road) or polished-ice (on the road). The usual bike is a Surly 1x1 using Nokian Mount and Ground. This works A-OK except when the snow is deeper.

    So .. figured I'd buy a pair of these which looked more snow-with-some-ice tires to throw on the summer-bike - an On One Inbred set up as a 1x9.

    We had a big dump, but the tires didn't arrive until after the plows came through.... so riding so far has only been on hardpack/ice. I was worried that the center-line of studs were pretty far apart, but grip on ice seemed fine .. did some gentle test brakes with no slippage (I had them a 30psi... would go lower if it was softer riding surface). This was all on the flats, though, have not ridden up/down any icy hills.

    Did a little toodle into softer snow and while better than the skinnier 26-inch M&G I can't say I was overwhelmed .. but way too early to say much. Also steamrollered over some of the plowed hard blocks of snow by the side of the road .. that was fun, but probably more a function of 26 vs 29 than the tires.

    So early indications are ... good on hardpack .. but what isn't. Better on ice than I was thinking they might be, but no serious conditions yet. And better on looser snow than the M&G but how much better remains to be seen.

    Other little notes - man .. these are much louder than the M&G .. not sure why since there are probably less studs along the center .. might be the M&G are worn as they are > 5 years old. Also, while they make a big-deal about "concave studs" ... both tires had a few regular studs in them .. what .. somebody grabbed some normal ones out of the wrong parts bin? Unexpected for the price .. but functionally, I'm sure not a big deal.

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    I use ice spiker pro on my 29er. 29x2.25 since last year,
    I ride with them everyday on the streets and on the lake by my place...incredible tire
    All the studs are still there
    expensive cars are a waste of money. Expensive bikes...not so much!

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