• 04-10-2013
    Ned Kelly
    XTR Front Derailleur for 2012 Flash 1 29er
    G'Day Guys

    I have a 2012 Flash Carbon 1 29er and recently threw the XO brakes in the BIN - GARBAGE! I replaced them with XTR Trail and i can now stop. This has left me with a full XTR drive train apart from XO Cranks and Front Derailleur. I have no real issue with the XO cranks but would like to use XTR FD to compliment the shifters etc. Can anyone shed light on what model FD i would need and do i require any adapters etc? I have searched high and low for an answer on the internet but no luck.
  • 05-26-2013
    I have a 2011 carbon 3 and I want to swap out the FSA crank for an X9 with a 42t big ring. The front derailleur is causing me fits, too, since the direct mount can't be moved up or down to accomodate the larger ring (going from 39 to 42t).

    It seems to be, from what I can see, a direct low mount, bottom pull. There is the S1 model and the S3, which may or may not have different spacings for the two bolts to match the frame. I'm not sure which one is on there currently, and pics from the interwebs seem to contradict each other. Grrr.

    That is for X9 and X7 derailleurs, not Shimano. Sorry, but you are right; there is very little info out there on this, so I thought I would throw in my two cents in case anyone else comes by this thread.

    Cannondale's propriatery hardware is starting to grind me.