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    Well that didn't take long, Race Face back in action

    They better secure the inventory in Taiwan though, other wise you can count on a flood of gray market product hitting the E shelves.

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    the best thing is that they are going to honor warranty which as I understand there were a lot of folks awaiting warranty when the ol' Scotia bank stepped in, myself included. I am glad that my cranks had yet to be put in the mail as who know where they would be now.

    Hope others can post their experiences here.

    I figured this would happen as the usual suspects of e-tailers (chainlove, pricepoint, etc) hadn't all of a sudden become flush with low price Raceface stuff. Meant that things were progressing towards a sale of business and inventory and not just liquidation.
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    i sent a pair back a few days before they shut up... interested to see what happens as they were recieved.

    I'm not expecting much, but if anything comes of it, I will be happy. It also might take a couple months for them to get things sorted out, and I hope customers can be patient.

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    Awesome !

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    Did On-one buy them too?
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