I haven't been on a bike in a while and haven't really done any trail riding but would like to get into it. I've been doing research on what bike to get and I've settled on either the 2013 Giant revel 29er 0 or the Giant Talon 29er 1. I might, unlikely, jump for the Talon 29er 0. I say unlikely because by the time I pay for the bike + accessories (helmets, locks, etc....) It will be way over my budget ($600-900).

I found a 2013 Talon 29er 1 on craigslist for $750. It is 4 months old with about 150 miles on it. I assume this has mostly been on the trails since the seller has indicated that the reason for selling is to upgrade to a bike that suits his riding style. I can purchase this bike brand new at the LBS for around $900 or get a revel 29er 0 for around $700. In terms of specs, there are components on the talon that are better than the revel and vice versa. I don't know enough to help me decide which one would be the better deal overall. So do you think $750 is a good deal for a used Talon 29er 1? Or should I buy brand new? Thanks.